Lambeth Mediation Service


Service features

Lambeth Mediation Service was established in the aftermath of the 1985 Brixton riots and has worked with local authority agencies and registered social landlords to help resolve community conflict for 35 years.  Our team of over 50 trained volunteer mediators reflects the broad range of ethnic communities and cultural traditions found in Lambeth and other parts of London.


We are experienced in using community and neighbour mediation to help challenge perceptions, question stereotypical assumptions and modify attitudes that are affecting entrenched disputes.


Our work includes community mediation, workplace mediation and conflict resolution surgeries.  We are also involved in managing and promoting community dialogue, facilitating restorative justice, working with families, and delivering peer mediation in schools.


We also work in other nearby boroughs in the context of LCMC’s Pan-London referral system.



Home Borough:                        Lambeth

Neighbouring Boroughs:        Bromley, City of Westminster, Merton

Proximate Boroughs:              Lewisham, Royal Borough of Greenwich