Pan-London referral system


LCMC offers a Pan-London Referral System for the provision of community mediation services across 24 of the 32 Greater London boroughs.


Drawing upon the combined resources of our membership, we are able to deploy more than 250 trained community mediators. and can act as a single

point of coordination and case management for organisations that need to make referrals in different parts of London. Our geographical coverage enables us to mobilise mediation teams efficiently to more than 75% of the Greater London area.


Contract arrangements enable referring bodies to purchase a block of mediation referrals from which mediation assignments can be called off  as and when needed. Any un-used mediation referrals or un-spent elements can be carried over from one accounting period to the next so that delays commissioning and in assigning mediators are minimised.


Home Boroughs                                         Mediaion teams are provided by the resident LCMC member service

Neighbouring Boroughs                          Mediation teams are availble for assignment from at least two LCMC services in Neighbouring Boroughs*

Proximate Boroughs                                 Mediation teams are available for assignment from at least three LCMC services in Proximate Boroughs

                                                                        (within 40 minutes travel time)

* Except Harrow and Hillingdon, which are serviced by one Neighbouring service and one Proximate service

How we manage mediator deployment across Greater London:

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Home Boroughs

Neighbouring Boroughs

Proximate Boroughs

Not serviced by LCMC

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