Our Members


The core members of LCMC are 8 autonomous community mediation service providers that operate across the whole of London. Six of these services are fully operational and the remaining two are currently re-structuring to address issues associated with significant reductions in local authority spending.


Each member service nominates a representative to serve on LCMC’s board of trustees.


Collectively, LCMC’s community mediation service providers deploy over 250 trained community mediators across 24 of the 32 boroughs of Greater London and help to resolve approximately 1,000 referred cases each year.


Each member organisation operates from a ‘Home Borough’ but can also provide community mediation services in one or more neighbouring boroughs and sometimes further afield. Each member organisation receives and manages mediation referrals from its own clients and some of them have exclusive community mediation service agreements with specific local authorities or local authority agencies.


LCMC’s Pan-London Referral System (PLRS) provides an additional wide area service that links the geographical location of communities in conflict or parties in dispute with the geographical availability of LCMC-affiliated community mediators. This enables LCMC to work in partnership with housing associations and other referring bodies to facilitate the assignment of trained and experienced community mediators for the resolution of community conflicts and neighbour disputes almost anywhere in Greater London.