Sandford Co-op in New Cross approached LCMC with a request for training to develop the skills of a group of residents. We listened to their particular needs and drew up a proposal offering the opportunity of workshops over two days covering communication skills, conflict resolution and mediation awareness, facilitation and better meetings. The training took place in March 2017 and involved 10 residents on the first day and 13 on the second day who were allocated an LCMC approved trainer.

Feedback from the training was very positive. Residents said it was “thought provoking and positive”, that the trainer “seemed to really pick up on and adapt and respond to our individual setting with intelligence, knowledge and humour” and that the training had “a lot of interesting activities” and “fulfilled my expectations”.

As a result of the training the Co-op is reviewing some of its policies and procedures in relation to communications and interaction between residents and how it deals with tensions and conflict.

Mediation Skills Training - October 2016

A six day course accredited by The College of Mediators

Who is the course aimed at?
The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in becoming a mediator, and resolving disputes in the

Aims of the course
• Explore what conflict means and different responses to conflict
• Communicate clearly what mediation is and how it compares to other conflict resolution methods
• Build understanding of how people in dispute think, feel and behave, and how this contributes to the dispute
• Enhance participants’ self awareness and self confidence
• Cover the whole mediation process
• Give people practice in using basic mediation skills
• Show how impartiality and empowerment work in practice through mediation
• Help people decide what issues can and cannot be mediated
• Enable participants to deal with conflict more effectively

The course is delivered by Darren Pullman from the London Community Mediation Council
(LCMC), an experienced mediator and trainer. LCMC is the principal voice for community mediation
in Greater London.

Feedback from previous courses:
“This was an excellent course which introduced the participants to the process in a friendly and
comprehensible manner.”
“The presenters were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about mediation which made them
engaging and helpful.”

The dates were
13th October 2016
14st October 2016
19th October 2016
21st October 2016
24th October 2016
26th October 2016

Amicus Horizon
Grosvenor House
125 High Street


PDF Course Outline